Swan Hills Public School

The Swan Hills School offers the best of the academic, personal and practical worlds for its students through strong community interaction, high standards of teaching and a unique partnership with the local business community. Currently housing Playschool to Grade 12.

Aware of its community responsibilities, the school has a very open communication policy not only with its parents, but also with the general public. While the parents are updated on school activities through monthly newsletters, the school also showcases its activities to the business community through a traveling bulletin board; articles in the local newspaper capture school events.

But the communication isn't just one way. The school also boasts a very strong Parent Advisory Council that provides feedback to the school administrators from both the parents and the community; it also recruits volunteers for the school and helps with special events.

Technologically, the school is one of the better equipped throughout the province of Alberta. Each classroom in the school has four computers installed; as well there are two fully equipped computer labs. The school offers three computer courses throughout the year, and the school has Internet access through SchoolNet. Easy accessibility to computers, and the focus on computer literacy ensures that students graduate with finely-honed skills.

Added to this is the low teacher/student ratio, which allows for personalized attention to the needs of each student. The 390 students in the Swan Hills school are served by 23 teachers, for an average ratio for one teacher for every 17 students. This not only ensures a high standard of personalized instruction, but also guarantees that children with special education needs don't fall through the cracks. The Swan Hills School provides excellent programs for students whose learning, physical or mental disabilities range from mild to severe. The school has established an instructional support team of two special education teachers, special needs aides, a counselor and an administrator who work closely with the parents, students, community and outside agencies so that all the needs of the students are met. The program focuses on both preventing problems and supporting students through a number of ways:
  • Students are taught according to their learning styles. By being sensitive to students' learning styles, the school has seen a decrease in special education referrals.
  • The counselor and instruction support teacher identify students in the community with disabilities by the time they are three years old and provide their parents with home programs or information on pre-school resources.
  • The Grade One students are taught the Auditory Discrimination in Depth program - a strong phonetically-based program which reduces subsequent reading problems.
  • The school provides skilled aides and instructional teacher support for identified students with difficulties.
  • The school "tracks" the junior high school students who are at risk and does everything it can in order to ensure the student doesn't become discouraged and drops out.



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