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 Frequently Asked Questions.

Q...Can I park my holiday trailer on the road?

A... Yes. You can park your holiday trailer attached to a vehicle on the road for a maximum of 72 hrs, after that it has to be removed from the road for a length of 48 hrs before it may return.

Q...There is a vehicle parked in front of my house, not blocking my driveway, however, I always park in the exact same spot. What should I do?

A... Even though this may be frustrating, unfortunately, you as a resident do not own the town streets. People may park in front of your house as long as they are not in contravention of any of the town Bylaws.

Q...Can I have livestock with in the Town Of Swan Hills?

A...No, livestock is not permitted in the town Of Swan Hills. In accordance to Bylaw 2015-11 Animal Control Bylaw, Part 6 Sec. 24 “No person shall keep a Domestic Animal within the town. This does not apply to the Horse Barns (Swan Hills Saddle Club).




Clint Baker

Community Peace Officer

780-333-4477 ext. 5

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