Business Licence and Development

The Town of Swan Hills welcomes a wide variety of businesses.

Businesses or home occupations that provide goods and services to the public must obtain a Business Licence. New, expanding, relocating, or unapproved businesses require a Development Permit prior to receiving a Business Licence. 

A Development Permit authorizes the use of land and/or buildings for a particular land use classification (business type) under the Land Use Bylaw. A Business Licence will then authorize the operation of a business at the location under the Business Licence Bylaw once approved. 

Depending on the nature and/or location of your business, it may take time to process these applications.  Keep this in mind when planning the opening of your business to ensure you have all approvals in place prior to your opening. 

An issued Business Licence will expire on December 31st in the year of which it was issued unless it has been previously suspended or revoked. 

A Business Licence fee for a Resident is $50.00 and Non-Resident fee is $100.00. 

Hawkers & Peddlers

Hawkers & Peddlers when coming to the Town of Swan Hills to do business will need a Business Licence prior to setting up and selling. 

A Hawker & Peddler Business Licence fee is $150.00.

Home Based Businesses

Town of Swan Hills residents who are self-employed will need to complete a Development Permit for Home Based Businesses as per the Town of Swan Hills’ Land Use Bylaw. Upon Development Permit approval, self-employed residents will require a Business Licence.  

A Business Licence for Home Based Businesses is $50.00 annually.

Download Business License Application Form