Trapper Lea’s Cabin

Trapper Lea's cabin is the oldest historical site in the Swan Hills area.

The smaller of the two cabins on the site was first built in 1938 by George Leas, a trapper who came to the Swan Hills from his home in Hudson, Michigan, U.S.A. to establish his first trap line. Five years later, he built the larger cabin where he lived for another 9 years while he made a living trapping wolves and bears for their pelts. In 1943, Leas was proclaimed the “wolf king” of Alberta for having trapped the largest number of wolves.

Leas left Swan Hills in 1960 to return home to Michigan, and the abandoned cabin served as a campsite for various forestry crews.

In 1977, the Swan Hills Chamber of Commerce undertook the site as a community project, and spent the next four years restoring both of the cabins.

Time and the elements have taken their toll on the two cabins. One of the cabins had to be dismantled due to safety issues. The second is still standing.