Center of Alberta


  Centre of Alberta

   Born and raised in the Swan Hills area, Roy Chimiuk knew that this part of    northern Alberta was really the center of Alberta. As a surveyor with 20    years experience with All-Can Engineering and Survey he was able to    calculate Alberta's measurements, vertically and horizontally. Where the    two crossed was the Geographic Center Of Alberta. 

   With the easy part done Roy Chimiuk now had to "Journey to the Center of   Alberta" and mark the exact spot. Cutting out the five (5) kilometer path    from the rugged and heavily forested area was a physical challenge. This    task opened up a piece of Alberta history that had been locked in the silent    forest.

   The path leads you through the beautiful boreal forest and opens to a small    clearing where a cairn waits for you. This cairn has a grizzly cub sitting on    a stone pillar which was created in 1993 by mason Horst Lutz.

On the front of the cairn is a plaque commemorating the involvement of the Grizzly Trail Promotional Society, the  Honorable Ken Kowalski and Roy Chimiuk.

A Swan Hills Grizzly paw print is inset on the back of the cairn. The Swan Hills Grizzly is a sub-species of the  grizzly bear also known as the Great Plains Grizzly. This grizzly is the second only in size to the Kodiak Grizzly. To insure that the center is not forgotten and remembered only by the forest, a time capsule was place in the cairn. This twenty five year capsule is due to be opened in 2018. On September 10, 1989 the Center of Alberta was officially recognized when one hundred (100) people made the  hike to the geographical center.

The Honorable Ken Kowalski, MLA for the Barrhead - Westlock - Swan Hills riding dedicated the site, recognizing the efforts of Rod Chimuik, the Grizzly Trail Promotional Society, and all that take the time to Journey to the Center of Alberta.

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