Setting up a Utility Account

If you are in need of a new utility account, you will be required to complete the UT-300 Utilities Application Form.

Only property owners are permitted to open utility accounts. The property owner is responsible for all utility bills and can determine how best to transfer that cost to their tenants through rental agreements.  (If requested, the Town of Swan Hills can mail an additional copy of the utility bill to the tenant at the service address). A Tenant is permitted to come in to pay the utilities on behalf of the owner.

Billing Procedures

Every residence or commercial building owner has their own water meter and are individually billed.  Monthly water and sewer charges are based on consumption.  The more water you consume, the higher your utility charge. Within the Utility billing is also the garbage pickup and enviro recycling fees.    

Utility Fees – Residential and Commercial

Utilities for the Town of Swan Hills are billed bi-monthly (every two months) with payment being due the following month with the due date being indicated on the utility bill.Payments can be made by cash, cheque, Interac, Visa, Mastercard, Telephone or Internet Banking, E-transfers, or Pre-Authorized Debit Payments.

Late payments will result in penalty charges. Payments made after the due date on your utility billing will be subject to a 5% penalty fee added to the outstanding balance.  After 90 days, outstanding utility balances will be added to the property tax account for collection.

Returned payments are charged an additional $40.  This includes returned cheques and returned pre-authorized payments.

Pre-Authorized Debit Payment (PAD)

If you have a current utility account, you can set up your account to be paid by using the Pre-Authorized Debit payment plan.  To sign up for this payment plan, fill out the Utility Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement and return to the Town Office.  Each month you will continue to receive your utility bill, it will indicate which day the funds will be withdrawn from your debit account.

Paperless Billing

Trying to help the environment?  The Town of Swan Hills can set up your Utility account to have your billings emailed directly to you.  Simply fill out the Utility Billing Email Form and return it to the Utility department at the Town Office.

Customers can pay online using Paysimply

Please inform the Utility department at the Town of Swan Hills if you no longer require your utility account so that a final water meter reading can be obtained on your last day.  We may require a forwarding address of where the final billing can be sent to as well.  If you are moving within Swan Hills to another location, fill out the UT-300 Utilities Application for your new address and return to the Town Office to start your new services.

Bulk Water and Bulk Sewer Accounts

Bulk Water and Bulk Sewer accounts can be obtained by setting up an account with the Town of Swan Hills by calling our Utility department.  Upon account approval, you will be provided with a PIN and access number to be used at these stations. 

Bulk Water is obtained from our Water Treatment Plant located at the intersections of Highway 32 and 33 in the fenced-in area just across the highway. The septage station is in the same area, the small building just across the highway. Users are required to provide their own hose and camlock fittings.

Bulk Water and Sewer Billing Procedures

Bulk water is billed at $10 per cubic meter.  An invoice is issued for a monthly period (from the 1st to the end of the month) and sent out early into the following month.  Same billing procedure for Bulk Sewer.  Bulk Sewer is billed at $5 per cubic meter.  Failure to submit payment on time (30 days) will result in a 2% penalty fee added to your outstanding balance.  Failure to pay bulk water and bulk sewer accounts within 90 days could result in your account being suspended.

Payments for Bulk Water and Bulk Sewer can be paid by cheque, etransfer (indicating invoice number in message box sent to treasurer@townofswanhills.com), by phone using Visa or Mastercard, In Person by Cheque, Interact, Visa or Mastercard.

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable questions can be directed to Vickie Hickie in our Finance Department.

Contact Us

Vickie Hickie, Utilities, Town of Swan Hills

Located at:  5536 Main Street

Phone:  780-333-4477 x4

Email:  vickie@townofswanhills.com