Property Taxes

Property Tax Rates

The Finance Department is responsible for preparing assessments of all properties within the Town of Swan Hills and for collecting property tax on behalf of the Municipality, Provincial Government and Seniors Foundation.  

Property Taxes

A Tax notice is issued annually covering the period from January 1st to December 31st.  It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to ensure that the Town has the correct mailing address on file.  Contact the Town of Swan Hills at 780-333-4477 if you do not receive your tax notice.  Failure to receive a tax notice is not a reason for non-payment of taxes.

Tax Due Date

The due date for payment of taxes is the first Monday in JulyIf the payment is not received before the due date, a penalty will be applied.

If payment is made by mail or at a bank, the postmark or the date received at the banking agency determines the date of payment.


Penalties will be applied after the due date.  15% will be applied to the outstanding balance.  On January 1st, 15% will then again be applied to any outstanding property tax amount.

Methods of Payment

  • At the Bank
  • Internet or Telephone Banking Payment
  • In Person at the Town Office by Cash, Cheque, Interact, Credit Card
  • By mail with a Cheque
  • By phone with a Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Etransfer (send to, set for automatic deposit)
  • By Pre-Authorized Payment – The Tax Installment Payment Plan.  See information on the TIPP program in the attached.  Contact the Treasurer at the Town Office to make arrangements for this option.
Customers can pay online using Paysimply
Contact Us
Carmelle Seabrook
Treasurer, Town of Swan Hills

Located at:  5536 Main Street

Phone:  780-333-4477 ext. 3


Property Assessment

Alberta Municipalities are required to update property values annually to reflect the market value on July 1 of the previous year, based on its condition on December 31 of that previous year.

Market Value is the amount that a property might be expected to realize if sold on the open market by a willing seller to a willing buyer. 

Your property’s assessed value is determined using similar criteria to those used by real estate agents.  For example, location, lot size, building size, age and condition of building, and selling prices of similar properties in similar areas.

Assessments for all types of property are prepared annually by accredited municipal assessors appointed by the town and governed by provincial legislation and regulation.

Town Assessor

Kevin Lawrence, AMAA

KCL Consulting Inc.

Phone: 1-780-419-2158 or

Toll Free: 1-888-419-2128

What if I don’t agree with this assessment?

You may make a formal complaint about your assessment.  The deadline date for submitting your complaint is noted on your assessment notice. Make sure you talk to the assessor about your questions and concerns well before the deadline. If there is an error in the assessment, assessors are able to make changes to your assessment without your need to file a formal complaint. 

Forms and information to file a formal complaint can be obtained from the Treasurer at the Town of Swan Hills.

An assessment complaint does not exempt you from paying your taxes by the due date or from late payment penalties.

Tax Certificates

Upon request, a Tax Certificate can be issued for a cost of $20.00. Contact the Town of Swan Hills at 780-333-4477 x3 or 780-333-4477 x8 to inquire.

A Tax Certificate shows the amount of taxes imposed in the year in respect of the property or business specified on the certificate and the amount of taxes owing, the total amount of tax arrears if any, utility account balances owing or utility arrears if any as well as other pertinent information. 

A Tax Certificate can be paid by phone using Visa or Mastercard, mailing your cheque to the Town Office or by Etransfer.  E-Transfer to, set for automatic deposit.